In my dreams

August 15, 2008

Graveyard by ~Bellerofonte

In my dreams
you are still there
In my dreams
a life to share

In my dreams
so filled with life
In my dreams
you’re so alive

In my dreams
you were awake
In my dreams
my heart to take

But you are gone
forever now
No more songs
and no more sounds

But in my heart
yes, so it seems
We’re never apart
you’re in my dreams.



July 31, 2008

A dream of Summer by Gwarf

I had a dream last night
about you and me

I had a dream last night
about setting you free

I had a dream last night
about holding you tight

I had a dream last night
about making it right

I had a dream last night
so beautiful and sweet

I had a dream last night
about two tiny feet

I had a dream last night
about being together

I had a dream last night
about us lasting forever

Give into…

July 28, 2008

Give your Heart by ~UbiLin

I feel the warmth
it heats my soul
it makes me want
to grab, to hold

I need to gasp
come up for air
I feel your grasp
a sense so rare

The feeling of love
so deep, so true
fits like a glove
I give into you

For you

July 28, 2008

…between two worlds… by *WiciaQ

We are so different
yet still the same
another world
another plane

Can you hear the birds
they softly whisper
the song they sing
the tunes they whistle

A sound that travels
over oceans, over seas
to hear my prayers
to answer pleas

A gentle caressing of my heart
a tickling sense in my neck
when your lips are there
and when I beg

For you to stay
for all my life
for you I strive


July 28, 2008

Goodbye Goodbye by *morgueprincess

A beautiful soul has passed away
away from fear, away from pain

A beautiful soul left love behind
for us to hold, for us to find

A beautiful soul that made us smile
gave as love all of the time

A beautiful soul, she will be missed
as our hearts, they were kissed by

A beautiful soul,
a beautiful heart,
a beautiful touch,
a beautiful mind…..

Farewell Anja… ’til we meet again…

You… you…

June 28, 2008

Love Above by =lucidreamer20

When you touch me
the world just stops turning
and all I can feel
is this burning
deep inside

When you kiss me
my heart stops beating
for a moment
the whole world
is disappearing

When you love me
you leave me speechless
for there is no word
that can grasp
this ‘you and me’

by ~DreeamyEyes

I’ve never tasted
until now
’cause now I know
what sweetness is

I’ve never breathed
until now
’cause now I know
what caring is

I’ve never sensed
until now
’cause now I know
what feeling is

I’ve never lived
until now
’cause now I know
what love is