Shattered mirror

May 25, 2009

Broken by ArmyBrat1521

It feels as if
I’m dancing on the
pieces of the shattered mirror
I once called love
I used to love seeing
the picture it painted me
Now it only gives me
broken dreams, longings unfulfilled

Unspoken words, figments of my imagination
all reflected
on those shiny bits

My bleeding soles rest
upon the sharpened edges
looking for a reply to the
never answered questions

Will I be able to solve the riddle,
to puzzle the mirror
once again?


4 Responses to “Shattered mirror”

  1. This is really impressive, and very clever. The imagery conjoured up, the concept of reflecting on a failed dream and lost love… brilliant.

  2. beejayjr Says:

    Love the idea of standing on a shattered mirror, bleeding as it cuts you, yet, still you remain fascinated by the image. Perhaps the tint of red dances with the vision, and is even more hypnotic.

  3. marie Says:


  4. Keith Wright Says:


    I have come across your Blog today – love the above poem.

    I am currently pulling together a book, Love Impressions of 101 Souls (refer Facebook LIKE Page for further details). I would love to include this poem.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    PS Love this….

    45. I will always be a little kid
    46. Peter Pan.
    47. I wish I could see fairies

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