January 1, 2009

Searching by kek19

Where is the light,
Where did it go?
And if you hide it,
please let me know…

where it is
where I must seek
’cause all this darkness
it makes me weak

Where is the light,
where did it go?
Please be me guide,
please let me know..

where I should find
that light inside
I want to breathe
I want to be bright

Where is the light,
where did it go?
If you might find it,
please let me know.


One Response to “Quest”

  1. A little shell at the bottom of the sea Says:

    I tear free!

    All of this sa,rx!
    Longs, hurts, tear it free.
    Light singes the wax,
    Cold pressed, inside of me.

    Eyes windows of the yuch,;
    Sharp glance, outside knife.
    Fear bars and strangles;
    Longing for true life.

    Every night questions pour,
    Why, Raven, why?
    Webs catch the mind
    With his dark colored lie.

    Fear, child!
    “sa,rx avnaqemati,zw yuch!”,
    Damned are you!
    Light you cannot know!

    Weep as you drip dread;
    Full, like an unfulfilled crush.
    Heart becomes carrion,
    Cursed bird will not hush!

    Destiny washes over you,
    Helpless, bound with mindless ways.
    Bloodstream sipped away;
    The dark bird preys.

    Lies! False vision dark!
    There is no voice
    Within the Raven
    Lies! No imbued hark!

    Light belongs, fair child!
    Walk in the meadows so fair.
    Soft as woolen flax,
    As the fairy’s hair!

    Hell belongs to devils,
    The devils belong to Hell.
    Do not be deceived,
    By vulgar spell!
    They offer freedom,
    Through Raven flight!
    Only descends deeper;
    Cavernous night!

    Love moves;
    Static it is never.
    Open your eyes my dear,
    Be your heart cleaver.

    I am not light,
    But light is in me.
    Tented with sa,rx;
    I will tear free!

    Inhale warmth,
    Inhale light.
    Exhale peace.
    Exhale right.

    Kill that carnivorous bird;
    Raven of night!
    Soar like an eagle,
    “Blue bird, take your flight!”

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