Always and Forever

May 1, 2008

forever by ~asmo0o

Mon kontan ou
is what I needed to hear from you
and those words
sound soft and sweet
they make my heart just skip a beat

Mon mank ou
and I say: “I miss you too”
those tender whispers
that reach my ear
makes me wish that you are here

Vreman bokou
for us this is true
pou touzour, forever
ansanm, together


3 Responses to “Always and Forever”

  1. Pat Says:

    Lovely images and lovely words. I hope you have the real thing. Michele sent me over.

  2. Carmi Says:

    A Flock of Seagulls released a tune waaaaay back called The More You Live, The More You Love, and it pretty much defined how I approached life and relationships from that point forward. Your wonderful poetry brought me back to that important time in my life.

    Thanks for that. I’m so glad Michele sent me at this very late hour. So good to e-see you again!

  3. S Says:

    Heartbeats steady in rhythm with life,
    Until something the pattern breaks.
    That skipped beat when you felt it,
    A familiar spirit touched it,
    Your breath it was, he takes.

    Ever so gently through colors in the sunset
    Spirits fly.
    Thoughts have no boundaries;
    Slave them; do not even try.

    Deep purple you also see in the skies.
    The moon is pale on your world.
    Time is relative.
    True sight is not from your eyes.

    Absolute truth I give to you.
    Remember how it makes you feel.
    You know the real you.

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