March 14, 2008

iโ€™m afraid by ~epack

Sometimes you hold me
with so much passion
it scares me

Sometimes I push you away
with so much passion
it scares me

Sometimes you need me
with so much passion
it scares me

Sometimes I love you
with so much passion
it scares me

I am afraid


12 Responses to “Afraid”

  1. shammi Says:

    You also love and are loved – that’s worth being afraid ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Redness Says:

    Mmmm too scarey, there’s something more going on ;(

  3. Your picture scared me! Nice piece though.

  4. The Phantom Says:

    I never use to feel fear at feeling this way but I suspect I forever will now…once bitten twice shy as they say. The heart learns lessons we can never seem to unlearn. Thank you expressing this.

  5. s Says:

    To exist, fire must feed the flame;
    Carbon speeding, morphing, wanting,
    To become free from the things they were,
    How can anyone explain?

    Freedom to burn.
    Freedom to yearn.
    It is what we call Passion.

    Magnetic pressure, which never dies;
    No force can come between it,
    Invisible spirit, but stronger than nature,
    The perfect tie that binds.

    Try to loose it, you will find it as your sight.
    Try to pursue it; it is the Master Elusive!
    Remember, it yearns to burn you,
    It burns you, to manifest your light.

    Let your candle burn with brilliant light!


  6. devil mood Says:

    Very nice and your blog is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. texasblu Says:

    Intimacy should never be frightening – it should be a warm, peaceful feeling. If there is so much fear, then there is no trust – and you can’t have intimacy without it.

    That being said, this is a beautiful piece that makes you feel and contemplate. I enjoyed it, and the one with the little boy with the smile that steals your heart. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bravo!

  8. paisley Says:

    love can be scary… but not loving can be even scarier….

  9. paul Says:

    Passion and fear very often do go together.

  10. Tumblewords Says:

    Pretty blog – nice work!

  11. gkgirl Says:

    i think you did a beautiful job
    with this…the push/pull…
    and awesome photo!

  12. Rob Says:

    Nice post! Enjoyed visiting your blog. Please stop byโ€ฆ

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