March 10, 2008

ALWAYS and FOREVER by *Saher4ever

Into the pit of night I fall
the curtain drops, the final call
before you start to walk away
but without me, I’m here to stay

Alone, in darkness, I now rest
to search for you, my final quest
for us to meet, at the end of the line
I’ll always be yours, you’ll always be mine


2 Responses to “Forever”

  1. guess Says:

    Do not fret little blue bird!
    Love is still greater than,
    The number of the sands of the sea,
    Greater still than the stars of the sky!

    Northern lights are not just in the North;
    But they are everywhere.
    It is the highway of communication –
    Of prayers made across the world to one another.
    Be patient!
    Let your heart be still!
    Breathe, again!
    Things are good!
    The highway is never full!
    The stars are endless!
    The sands are never washed away!

    Rest your wings little blue bird.
    You have been flying and searching,
    For something that has always been with you.


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