Let go

March 6, 2008

let go… by =night-fate

I can’t move on
I can’t let go
I need you here
I miss you so

I can’t move on
Can’t find a way
to say goodbye
to shine, to ray

I can’t move on
It is a fact
I can’t go on,
can only act

I can’t move on
until you say
goodbye to me
you’re gone, I stay


4 Responses to “Let go”

  1. The Phantom Says:

    You continue to express so clearly what I am feeling now and I hope that these are distant memories for you…if not you have my heartfelt sympathy (from what little is left of my heart).

  2. Russ Says:

    I like your site. The world has so few people who can express them selves in an artistic manner.
    Thanks for visiting my page.

  3. leigh Says:

    this is beautiful and so much what i am feeling write now. thanks

  4. Bekki Bedow Says:

    This one is very good. I love the return to the first line to underscore the emotion. Lovely.

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