March 6, 2008

Hurt by ~Sulejman

the way you feel
when you dive
so deep in me

To touch my soul
and hold my heart
so you can tear
and rip it apart

the power you have
to make me feel
alone and sad

To touch my heart
and hold my soul
to let me know
I’ll never be whole

the thrill you find
in hurting me
leaving me behind


7 Responses to “Astonishing”

  1. The Phantom Says:

    Made me cry…had this done to me recently and I will never be the same again and I still don’t know if that is a good or bad thing…thank you for expressing it so clearly.

  2. paisley Says:

    i was first introduced by a comment you made on the phantom… then i came here and saw you have the same theme as my secrets blog… and now i find you yet again on cafe writing… wonderful.. welcome…

    your work is brokenhearted and soulful… both very tasty treats for the muse…

  3. rebecca Says:

    “astonishing” that you captured this so perfectly….

    your poem is beautiful and perfect in its rawness and pain. magnificent, excellent, quite haunting….

    i will have to get acquainted with more of your work….i’m so glad you posted on cafe as it gave me the opportunity to find you.


  4. a~lotus Says:

    Yay! You’re new to Cafe Writing! Welcome aboard! I’m always excited to meet new fellow writers! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us. And like the others before me have said–raw. It’s just raw and simple.

  5. jane Says:

    This was so powerful and moving for me. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece!

  6. Astonishing. Breathtaking, definitely.

  7. Sara Says:


    Well done.

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