I can’t cope

March 4, 2008

Missing. by ~xLadyDaisyx

There is Truth
and there is Light
That’s what you said
so stop, don’t fight!

There is Love
and there is Hope
That’s what you said
so don’t elope

But now you’ve left
me standing here
and I can’t sense you
anywhere near

Where is that Truth
and where is that Light
Why can’t I see it
if it shines so bright?

Where is that Love
and where is that Hope
Too hard for me
I can not cope…


2 Responses to “I can’t cope”

  1. Nick Says:

    …wow?!!…another one..another wonder…

  2. Wow! I’ve been looking through your site here – so much poetry! I am amazed, what a gift you have…

    Are these poems you write in response to what’s happening in your life right now? Or… are these poems you’ve written already? I ask because if the answer is the former, then it seems there is some heartbreak in your life these days?…

    On the lighter side – I love the images you add to each post… and your design (the tree & birdie, and simple-ness) is just lovely. When the page loaded I thought, “Oh… now that feels good on my eyes!” The colors, the font, the scrolly tree… just delightful 🙂

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