February 25, 2008

Into the light by *angreal

Where’s the light,
the light I seek

Where’s the light,
for me to keep

Into my heart
Into my soul

I seek, I seek
for me to hold


2 Responses to “Light”

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  2. Sean Says:

    Sweet Hearts of Candy

    Sweet hearts of candy,
    Powdery goodness stamped proverbial label.
    Blushed awkward exchanges,
    “Be Mine!” inspiring romantic fables.

    Acceptance becomes your world,
    When a sweet heart someone will take.
    Hearts melt in your mouth,
    Someone’s rainbow you make.

    Smiles pile to the heavens above,
    Thoughts with balloons drift.
    Feet never touch the ground,
    Time and reality shift.

    Little gifts of love to give,
    Sweetens for someone the day.
    All the candy in the world,
    Could not take my sweet hearts away!

    Thank you for the candy,
    It licks down inside very sweet.
    Hearts bitter little holes,
    They always complete!

    By Sean
    February 25th

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