Lovers embrace

February 24, 2008

The Cherry Tree by ‘Gwarf

The branches
of the trees
embraced me
with love

A vision
in my head
embraced me
with love

A feeling
in my soul
embraced me
with love

The sensation
of your heart
embraced me
with love


2 Responses to “Lovers embrace”

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  2. Sean Says:


    Porcelain skin hidden from the blistering sun,
    Countenance titanium imbued face glows.
    Eyes soft and haunting like a winter’s storm,
    Blanche lace hemmed clothes.

    Hair flows like Autumn’s grains,
    Spinning wheel twirls straw into gold.
    Smell of lilac in gentle gardens,
    Romantic storybooks told.

    Sensual objects smooth in their shape,
    Rounded flavors hot desire.
    Fantasy longs beyond the invisible,
    Flesh quickly burns with fire.

    Spirits caged within the boundary of the skin,
    Struggle is constant to break free.
    Spirit and flesh war one with another,
    Things desired cannot be.

    Glass casing around your heart,
    So afraid to be broke.
    Shattered pieces recall your mind,
    Of words to you once were spoke.

    Secret places wet with dew,
    Drip to quench the thirsty pang.
    Night pines for the light of the moon,
    Stars bright in their chorus sang.

    Longing hearts weep the mind,
    Tears flow in an endless motion.
    Ships of reveries ride the waves,
    Torrents love and emotion.

    Fragile is our delicate lives,
    Exposed to suffering and pain.
    God’s schoolmaster for our souls,
    Knowledge and wisdom we gain.

    Fragile is love sent to someone else,
    When true pieces of soul you give.
    Simulating intercourse calms anxious thoughts,
    Gives reasons to grow and live.

    February 24th

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