February 23, 2008

Blow your soul slow by =yayaaja

I reach a height
it’s so divine
when your body
enters mine

Your tongue, your mouth
your fingertips
the way you grasp
my gentle hips

How our hearts and souls react
when our bodies interact
with such rhythm and harmony
you tell me to let go
and set me free


4 Responses to “Divinity”

  1. gautami Says:

    You are one prolific poet! Good to know you via Michele!

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  3. craziequeen Says:

    What a beautiful poem…. 🙂

    The last line reminds me of that wise saying ‘if you love them, set them free and they will return’ 🙂


  4. Sean Says:


    No one speaks.
    They both know what is there.
    The air is thick with want,
    Physical touch cannot share.

    “Please, touch; know?”
    “This longing inside of me hurts so much!”
    “I can’t control this feeling…”
    “I crave your gentle touch!”

    Languid the fruit lies,
    A firm hand longing to take.
    Water drips from the skin,
    As the first bite, you take.

    Sweetness smothers the tongue,
    Millions of senses fill the mind.
    Juice flows gently over the bumps,
    Fissures in the flesh they find.

    Kisses within the skin,
    Bright lips from lovers tender bite.
    Blood rushes from lust,
    Muscles grow tense and tight.

    Tongues spar with one another,
    Sparks light a fire with a match.
    Candy apple eyes see desire,
    Bodies tightly attach.

    Pleasure flows like a bubbling spring,
    Warm liquid out pours.
    Bodies adhere as one,
    What is mine is yours.

    “Let me inside,
    I am as full as I can be.”
    “I can reach the top,
    Pressure I will set free.”

    Paradise abides within your walls,
    Inside warm secrets under lock and key.
    Let me come inside your hidden treasures,
    Come with me and always be free!

    Sean Hovater
    February 24th

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