Can you still see me?

February 22, 2008

Cemetery Headstone by skungepuppie

Can you still see me?
Are you still there?

Can you see the tears on my face
when I think of you…
Can you see the smile in my soul
when I think of you…
Can you see the pain in my heart
when I think of you…

I just wish I could say
how much I loved you
So many questions
left unanswered
So many dreams
left undreamt

How I miss you
your laughter and your fears
every part of you
was a part….. of me

How long will it take
for the pain to fade away?


One Response to “Can you still see me?”

  1. Sean Says:

    I see

    “Close your eyes, Miss.”
    Feel the warmth over your skin.
    Liquid pulses with truth,
    You will see me only within.

    “Loose your clinched hands,
    Quit your restless heart.”
    “In your mind, you will see me;
    Eternity we never shall part.”

    Forever in marble,
    Names of flesh here we cast.
    “Death is swallowed up in Victory!”
    Washed souls will rise at last.

    Pain pierces the skin like a knife,
    Reminds us this world is not to crave.
    “Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”,
    Nothing will touch them, not even the grave.

    “Breathe slowly”, I whisper in your ear,
    As I gently kiss your face.
    Quivering, your lips are longing,
    For my mouth’s warm, sensual, embrace.

    Your voice is so lovely and tender,
    How still my soul can be.
    Burning like the flame of a candle,
    Through the darkness, finally you see.

    Through time and space,
    Travels fast, bright beams of light
    Souls touch ever so slightly,
    Providence will carry our flight.

    Souls abide in that, which draws them,
    Vibrations make the purest of sound.
    Still, the warmth flows through you,
    “Surrender, Miss, it is true love you have found.”

    February 23rd

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