Thank you

February 17, 2008

Thank You by =ArhcamtIlnaad

Hearts beating
souls touching
connecting to each other

Tears running
when you speak
your tender voice

I devour you
every word
and every silence

I bring to you
you bring to me

I’ve never felt so alive before


One Response to “Thank you”

  1. Sean Says:

    You cannot stop falling…

    Hearts in the shape of sound,
    Beating to pierce the mind without choice,
    Hot flashes vibrate over your body,
    However, I have only heard your voice.

    The skin soaks the decibels as you talk,
    Like the thirsty ground drinks the rain.
    Decelerating sweet notes,
    Your enraptured thoughts remain.

    I am a messenger to let you know,
    The world needs your life!
    Your tear-dimmed eyes can fill volumes,
    They run through my heart like a knife.

    Cry not, my gentle little blue bird!
    Spirits that minister will come to you!
    God has heard your prayers!
    Your life will change to new!

    Your tears that run will make rivulets,
    Winding empty rivers kiss you sad.
    They run to clean the disease,
    Brooks destined for the ocean to drown the bad.

    I know you say you have loved too many,
    Your heart, my sweet, is soft as clay.
    There is no such thing as too many;
    However, not every soul can stay.

    Take my words!
    Lick them like precious honey!
    Within them, they hold golden light,
    True wisdom, soul is sunny!

    Little bird, where are you?
    Bring your godliness here to me, please!
    I need your filling righteousness,
    I need you here too see!

    I want to look into your eyes,
    I need to see the real you!
    To share within your hidden treasures;
    To chase away the part that is blue!

    On a highest mountaintop I stand;
    Open, naked spirit to see;
    My heart beating hard as though I am going to jump;
    I am longing for you to fall for me!

    Sweet spirit, jump to me!
    Be my holy guarantee!
    Tell me we will live forever,
    Imbue your heart with me!

    February 16th

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