February 17, 2008

A crying heart
a screaming soul
my heart is yours

yours to keep
to hurt, to crush, to trample
just the way you like it

and I
I am a willing victim
a victim of love

loving you
but not getting loved back

rip my heart out



2 Responses to “Please?”

  1. L'ankou Says:

    Just can’t do that… I value a heart too much to rip it or crush it or trample it, even though I know it’s what I’ve done tonight; again.

    Not out of pleasure or play or indifference, just out of caring too much to lie.

    Story of our life, to hurt or being hurt, sometimes both at the same time.

  2. Sean Says:


    Complete submission I have,
    As your tender heart is ripped.
    Pain and pleasure from you,
    From pleasures glass we have sipped.

    I take it from you unconditionally,
    Wet, from trickles of tears.
    I feel the exhaustion within,
    Your screaming from fears.

    I feel warmth in the holes,
    I meditate on the cracks I trace.
    It is placid and smooth,
    Mirrored, within it, behold my face.

    Your spell rises up through me,
    You lay submitted to me as sleep.
    I drink in your Ambrosia,
    Addicted, I will always keep.

    You beg me as a child for candy,
    As I hold your breakable, delicate heart.
    To do whatever I wish,
    Pleading me, bite it apart.

    Your hole exposes your soul,
    Naked, trembling, you hold tight to your fate.
    You will go down on… your knees,
    If God I continue to elucidate.

    Victim of pleasure you become,
    Discretion no more you can contain.
    As I push your heart in your hole
    You let out a scream as if in pain!

    “Please, please make me yours!” you say,
    Scared your heart will again cause a hole.
    “Mend my heart with truth!” you beg
    “Reach inside of me and feel my soul!”

    “Rip my heart out and love me!” you said
    “Press your body hard against mine”.
    “Let me lay with you by streams of life!”
    “Make me your victim sublime!”

    “Please, please let me…”
    Stop! Be still, and let me love you!
    Put your pieces back together tight.
    Let me make you feel whole and true!

    Your beauty is submission
    How you give yourself to me!
    My life I lay down for yours,
    My answer to your please.

    February 18th 2008

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