February 14, 2008

Heart by Frizzle Pop


I felt
a heart

the same
as mine



One Response to “Heartbeat”

  1. Sean Says:

    Bliss, my Beloved

    Two souls separated by flesh
    Longing to burn in symmetry as one.
    Energy pulsing for touch;
    Two poles pulling together, heated like the sun.

    Created as One in the beginning,
    They try to re-unite.
    Blood is flowing hard;
    A simmering, burning delight!

    As bodies slide together,
    Friction ignites every cell.
    Elegant, easy, undisturbed, tranquility;
    Where they separate, I cannot tell.

    Perspiration gleans the skin,
    Hungers the appetite of the soul.
    Wants yearn to feed within;
    To satisfy the whole.

    Breath grows fast, heavy,
    As one hangs over heights sloped steep.
    Smell excretes anesthetics of passion
    From drenched caverns deep.

    Eyes closed wide open,
    As bodies melt with each other.
    Trying to push their way through the boundaries;
    To Become one another.

    Tongues move around and around,
    In the mind they feel like other parts.
    The tender feeling members,
    That shoots warmth liquid right to the heart.

    Slowly, swaying, violently they move,
    Urging emotions to rise.
    Rubbing until the skin becomes crimson,
    Like a thousands of needles inside.

    Souls push and pull,
    Trying to reach one other.
    Finally, flesh gives into pleasure
    And can’t burn any further.

    Feeling and emotion change their form,
    Into a substance like the ocean.
    Flesh is sore and tender,
    From all the trembling motion.

    Once again bodies lay next to one another,
    Catching breath as if it was flowing away.
    Once again souls touched for just a moment,
    And they live again to try another day.

    February 14th 2008

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