February 10, 2008

Question Mark by Melodi T

Who are you?

A mystery
enchanting, mesmerizing
making me wonder….

Who are you?

A spirit
that fills my heart
making me wonder….

Who are you?

A gift
caring, loving
making me wonder…

Who are you?


One Response to “Mystery”

  1. Sean Says:


    I am one you may say, one of the sheep.
    My tears for spirits in this world
    They would fill an ocean deep.

    But I do not want to sound like I am down.
    Because mostly I am not,
    I mostly act like a foolish clown.

    I want for Heaven
    I desire inner peace here on this earth.
    I long for someone to love my poems
    And see that life that gives me mirth.

    I don’t seem to get that now.
    Even though I am loved that’s for sure.
    I have jewels that fill my crown.
    They are my life, my beloved amore’

    I like to write my thoughts
    I have always had spiritual dreams
    That side of me is hard to live with
    But I will not cut my ear off by the seams

    I am sick
    It affects my life in ways I hate
    It makes my world hell sometimes
    But one day hell will be too late.

    I live a simple life
    No way to tell mine from any other
    I will tell you the way I feel it is
    My life is one whose name is writ in water…

    By Sean
    February 13th 2008

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