February 10, 2008

each one is a dream by m0thyyku

Dreams come
dreams go

You have to catch them
hold on to them
live them and let them go

Dreams come
dreams go


One Response to “Dreams”

  1. Sean Says:

    Once I dreamed of dieing

    Once I dreamed of dieing
    I was transported by a room full of souls
    Everything was clothed in purple
    For us in “whom to bell tolls.”

    We were elated in our hearts
    Even though we didn’t know what to be
    All we knew is we were happy,
    Happy as anyone could be!

    Suddenly to our surprise
    The royal curtain was ripped in two;
    And together we all floated towards it
    Excited together we flew!

    My heart felt like it dropped to my knees
    When I saw just where I was going;
    Into a vast silo
    Full of souls and somehow I feel as though I know them.

    There they are in this unending circle
    Lined with balconies where they all stood in white.
    They sang with a Heavenly chorus
    It was terribly wonderful sight!

    Too awful this love was for mortal eyes,
    That’s how I knew we had passed
    And this mortal has put on immortality
    Death was swallowed up at last!

    And fast as a twinkling of an eye
    We were caught up to the very top
    Of this Heavenly silo
    I thought we would never stop!

    Suddenly we saw,
    To our excitement and surprise
    The top was a very torrent of white
    I couldn’t believe my new born eyes!

    It was not for us just to view,
    To learn something from this tumultuous sight
    Then in my memory I remembered
    What God had said about the heathen’s plight

    “The dead bodies of Your servants,
    They have given as food for the birds of the heavens”
    Was I cast with the heathens,
    For eternity in a hellish land?

    To be devoured by the birds of heaven,
    Never again to feel?
    The Divine Comedy has ended,
    Oh’ wake tortured soul to this nightmare unreal!

    Our souls were then cast, (remah)
    Like a sacrifice into a fire
    In Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace
    The end of Peace of Georges Henri Pire

    But to our crying souls surprise
    This sovereign flight was not for the damned in heart
    But we twirled and swirled into a whirlwind,
    Of innumerable white birds of Heaven, scarcely apart!

    We twisted and turned ever so fast,
    With those Heavenly birds around us
    Creating our new Heavenly bodies
    The Spirit is the one perfecting our cast!

    As fast we swirled again and again
    Through our turmoil spin
    The birds gave up their feathers
    To make us more than mortal men!

    How could this be? I asked myself,
    The feathers clung to our back like glue
    We were no more mortal men,
    But Angels with wings of feathers anew!

    And in a flash when our plume was complete
    Falling downward again we went
    Using our feathers as though they were with us always,
    Fast and flawless was our descent.

    We flew past all the souls that had gone on before us,
    In their Heavenly robes they praised,
    “Hallelujah, praise to glory for evermore!”
    With their Heavenly voices raised!

    Innumerable souls, blessed souls
    But I felt as though we were all one;
    Peace at last! My soul breathed
    God’s Peace and I were finally one!

    The twinkling of the eye once more sparkled,
    When to the bottom of the great silo we came
    There was a great door that opened
    So much of the Light shined in our hearts just the same!

    Ah! I understand, I understood everything
    Everything that ever happened and everything that ever will,
    My mind was open to the knowing
    The gift of Heaven, the revealing of God’s will.

    There we were in this ethereal dimension,
    The light shone brightly which now included me;
    I knew now where we were cast
    We slipped away in blessed eternity!

    By Sean Hovater
    February 13th 2008

    Til’ next time….

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