February 8, 2008



One Response to “Start…now!”

  1. Sean Says:

    So Intriguing

    Who are you?
    What mystery’s to unveil?
    Shrouded in the shadows of un-knowingness,
    What prophecies do you want to tell?

    “Me thinks Ye may be a poet?”
    Yes, standing, pondering upon the hills so high!
    Or maybe someone who cowers with the lowly;
    And sucks their thumb as the world passes them by.

    Intrigue, what a wonderful meaning!
    So full of words like: “Magic”, “Fascination”, “Allure”;
    “Charming”, “Enchantment”, “Inviting”
    “Magnetize…”, “Wow”, do I need to say more?

    It reminds me of a time when I was younger;
    Swinging, without ropes, flying in the silvery sky;
    With smiles like the stripes on a tiger
    Rose was the only color through our eyes.

    Fantasy became our reality;
    Enchanting kingdoms, with our swords did we dwell;
    Nothing could stop us from conquering the lands;
    Except the ringing of the faithful dinner bell.

    Iron sharpens iron, countenance is sharpened;
    By friends help us plow this worlds un-holy ground.
    Cause’ the pearl of great price is secretly hidden;
    Only the Just will lead us where it is found.

    Hidden treasures lay kindly in Heaven;
    Or boasted rudely, on Earth, we throw them away.
    Don’t we realize the more our heart covets,
    The more treasures seem to just fly away?

    It is good for us to grasp this,
    About true love, are you sure it is true?
    Because everything that truly does love you,
    Cleaves to you like wet sticky glue.

    “…but you seem to know me”, she says
    Could this be possible? How, being so far apart?
    Ah’ but Spirit is not shackled with boundaries,
    When you read this I am there in your heart.

    Don’t worry yourself, little blue bird,
    About the one who has torn you apart;
    As hard as it seems, some things are meant to be,
    True love will NEVER break your heart.

    By Sean Hovater
    February 9th 2008

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