January 26, 2008

Alone and Desperate

voices trembling

breathing stops

no words can be found

we only feel pain





wondering if you’ll be ok

wondering if I’ll be ok

wondering if you’ll ever let me come close


One Response to “….”

  1. Sean Says:

    voices trembling…Bravo! Bravo! Voices trembling make such sweet soprano!
    breathing stops…when I see your face or when you reach out to touch my hand.
    no words can be found…when I gaze at the sunset on this empty beach with you by my side.
    we only feel pain …to strengthen ourselves, thank God, for with out it I would never grow.
    pain…is understood, because now I can sympathize; before I could never really help.
    hurt…, I use to be, but I’m glad it passed by, cause’ without it I could never clearly see.
    anger…used to get to me, but I realized how precious every moment of my life can be.
    worries…come and go, but they don’t come as often. I know I’m worth more than many sparrows.
    wondering if you’ll be ok…use to be my thinking, but I know I can’t choose for anybody else but me.
    wondering if I’ll be ok…never entered my mind, I know I’m taking good care of; the Spirit never dies!
    wondering if you’ll ever let me come close…I used to think. Now I let you pass on by.

    By Sean Hovater
    February 9th 2008

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