Reasons to date an actor/actress

January 10, 2008

I got this from a facebookgroup, it’s hilarious and soooooo true!

  • we practice until its perfect
  • we’re used to role playing
  • we work well in big groups of people
  • we’re trained how to scream loudly
  • we’re used to performing in front of large audiences
  • we’re used to adding to the scene
  • we love to use our props
  • we work for the pleasure of others
  • we do it on cue
  • after a brief intermission we’re ready to go at it again
  • we always wear our costumes
  • we’re used to quick changes
  • we work onstage and Backstage
  • we know how to put on a GREAT show!!!
  • we do it on the spot
  • we may take hours to get ready but in the end its all worth it
  • we can stay in one position for hours and still make it enjoyable
  • our mouths know just how to move
  • we can make you stand up and scream for more at the end

Any other reasons?


One Response to “Reasons to date an actor/actress”

  1. Christa Pellicci Says:

    well I think it’s okay to date an actor, I never went
    out with one before so it’s pretty okay but I love to date an actor that would treat me right I like to go out their

    One day and say hi my name is Christa and they introduce
    themselves to me. I don’t care who is is Adam Brody, Jake Hoffman whoever the single looking ones are

    Christa Pellicci
    Stamford Ct,

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