It’s been two years

December 25, 2007

Last year on December 21st I wrote this:

“It’s been a year
or was it yesterday
someone told me you were no longer here

No, it’s been a year.

I often find myself standing at your grave
Not being able to say goodbye.
I often wonder where you are,
what you are doing
can you send me a sign?

A sign of love, friendship or hope
I just can’t let go

Thanks again for caring
for singing songs together and shedding tears
for fighting fears

Thank you for loving me

It’s been a year… “

Now, two years have passed already. I’ve visited your grave today. I still can’t let go.
I pass ‘our’ picture every day, hundreds of time and each time I feel how much I miss you.

It’s been two years…..


3 Responses to “It’s been two years”

  1. Sean Says:

    Fissured Heart

    Someone made a fissure in my heart.
    I know it was not supposed to be!

    Why would something like this happen,
    To cut this hole in me?

    Sometimes when a lark cries within the night,
    My eyes wake to blackness of the dark
    My thoughts have wet my whole body,
    And agrees with my un-whole heart.

    Where are you?
    In the dark I see your gentle face
    I see, but I can’t hear your voice!
    Oh’ how I long to stop thinking so much!
    But I feel without a choice.

    “Don’t worry my child,
    Sometimes things are meant to be.”
    “There is a greater understanding here,
    Than you are meant to see.”

    Wholes are cut to bleed sometimes
    The suffering of God’s love.
    There is no learning in this world
    Until you lift your eyes above.

    “Under the Sun” we all feel the fog
    Many times we are blinded by what we see.
    How hearts are cut to make room for love
    To patch our reality.

    “Be still, beautiful soul, I will never let you go!
    Don’t you worry; grow, learn and be free!”
    “Your fissured heart IS already filled
    By my spirit living in thee!”

    By Sean Hovater

    I was just clicking and ended up here.
    You inspired me to write this to you.
    I hope my meaning is clear.

    “Be still, beautiful soul, everything is turning the way it should be!”

  2. Thaleia Says:


    I tried to write you an email, but it bounced. I just wanted to thank you for your words, they’ve touched my heart.


  3. Sean Says:

    Sorry, I gave you the wrong address. it’s I’m glad you liked it; I was inspired by your thoughts. Did you write the page “….”? Why do you feel like that? It’s not good for your spirit to hurt that bad. I’m sorry you feel that way. How much you must be in love.
    Please write me if you would like to.

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