December 18, 2006

That’s the word that captures last saturday for me.. wow…

I turn 30 next saturday, yes, the big 3 is there. No more 20something, but 30something and last saturday there was this kinda surprise party for me. I had no idea who was going to come, but I did know there was a party.

I must say I was a little nervous, not knowing who to expect, but wow… šŸ™‚

My favorite high school teacher stopped by, that was super! Some of my friends, colleagues, my family, people from the theater I just to perform in, some colleague singers from the past : they were all there. But one person really brought tears to my eyes: what a surprise

In 1996 I sang in a show on Belgian television called ‘Ontdek de Ster’, you could call it a prehistoric Idols. The day of the taping, they also taped another episode of this show and in that show there was Mark: a very spontaneous, open minded, sparkling personality. He could calm my nerves without saying a word and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. We spent some time together on that day and we exchanged addresses. After this episode we only met once again together with all other candidates of the show to go to a karaoke place in Antwerp.
We told each other we’d keep in touch, but you know how it goes: we never did.
I did buy his songs that came out here in Belgium and I still listened to them sometimes.

Now, last year when my hubby was diagnosed with cancer I wrote him a letter, just to tell him that once in a while I still think about him and I was wondering how he was doing. He got my letter a few days later and he picked up the phone and called me. He surprised me, I had no idea he would get the letter, because after nine years it could be possible that he had moved or totally forgotten about me.
But it seems that somewhere in the back of his I must have still lingered there (for over 9 years).
He was just about to go to New Zealand at that time and we exchanged e-mailaddresses. So now and then we mailed or chatted some, but not very often.

So, last saturday, he came to the party! Oh my goddess, I was so surprised. I saw him walk in and there was this instant recognition. I just hugged him and of course.. cried.. tsss… (I know I am a softie). I was totally flabbergasted.
It was a great party and I loved seeing everybody there. Mark, Monique (his girlfriend) and I went to a karaoke here in Bruges later that night and we sang a few songs. I am so glad I met his girl, she is such a nice and warm person. They make a great couple and I hope they have all the luck in the world.
They came over for lunch on sunday before driving all the way back to the Netherlands. Yes, he drove over 160 km to surprise me.. unbelievable, isn’t it?
It was great fun and he hasn’t changed a bit in those 10 years. He’s still that warm, crazy person.

Isn’t it funny that even though you haven’t spent much time with someone or don’t really know someone you can be so attached to this person?

So Mark, thank you! You gave me a priceless birthday present: time with you!

Mark and Thaleia


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