Are you planning on falling in love everyday, just like me?

December 12, 2006

In december I always look back at the past year.
At the beginning of january 2006 I wrote down my resolutions.. Let’s take a look at what I succeeded in…

50 things to do in 2006
1. Write something down everyday which makes me happy
Ok, something I started, but then I neglected it… too bad, it was fun to do.. ok, noted for my list for 2007

2. Write a book
Yes, I published a poetry book, you can download it here

3. Edit a pagan magazine
I published my first magazine in November 2006, the next one will come out at Imbolc 2007

4. Drink more water
Hard, very hard for me to do. It will remain a goal in 2007.

5. Keep a diary
Is a blog a diary? If not, I didn’t make this goal.

6. Never quit learning
I learn something new every day.

7. Do something new every month
Too bad I didn’t make this.

8. Make new friends
A friend is a stranger you haven’t got to know yet. I’ve met a few strangers this year 🙂

9. Never ‘grow up’

10. Loose weight
Step by step, continuing in 2007.

11. Live with passion
Passion is my middle name

12. Write more letters
13. Organise my library
14. Worry less
15. Smile more often
It brightens up your life, you really have to try this.

16. Look for a penpal in every country
Didn’t make it 😦

17. Create order (in my head, in my rooms,… )
I have ordered and re-ordered and re-ordered.. still haven’t succeeded.

18. Meditate daily
A resolution for my 2007 list.

19. Be more spontaneous and more creative
20. Random Acts of Kindness
Not as much as I wanted

21. Learn more languages
Nope and striking it from the 2007 list.

22. Live in the present
23. Read every book I own
Impossible resolution 🙂

24. Read 100 books in 2006
25. Take more pictures
26. A little bit of exercise every day
27. Sing more often
28. Learn the tarot
Still learning

29. Less TV
Oh, I’m an addict :(… Lost, Bones, Prison Break,… Do I need to say more?

30. Start my own business
Something I am unbelievably proud of Terra Maga

31. Save some money
32. Eat healthy
33. Make my dreams come true
This partially came true with Terra Maga and my book, but I still have so many dreams…

34. ‘Live’ instead of ‘Exist’
35. Be less anoyed
36. Give lots of love and attention to my two guys
37. Spend more time with friends
One of the most precious things in life: friends

38. Create less clutter
I suck at this.. I still see clutter everywhere

39. To eat less candy

40. To drink less Soda
41. To clean a little more
42. Be a good mom
I love the little one!

43. Be a good wife
44. Say ‘Thank You’ more often
It’s so easy and you can make so many people happy by saying this.

45. Support a good cause
46. Donate old clothes
47. Tidy up all the rooms
48. Get a dog
49. Send a postcard once in a while to people who don’t expect it
50. Do something every week for the benefit of someone else

Looking at this list, it seems 2006 hasn’t been a bad year at all. I’m always looking forward to making my 2007 list. I love lists 🙂

What’s on your lists for 2007?
Are you planning on moving to an island in the sun or building a career as an actor? Do you want to gain or loose some weight? Do you want to learn how to tapdance, sing, write? Do you want to fall in love everyday, just like me or do you want to live your life in a totally different way than you do now? Let me know, share your thoughts, ideas,…


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