I *heart* Mac

November 16, 2006

and everything that’s related to it…

Lately I’ve been testing and searching lots of mac applications and I discovered (well, I knew already but…) that I really, really love my Mac.

Macheist has caught my attention and I love the thrill of a good hunt. Keep up the good work, Phil & Co!

And today I stumbled upon MacAppADay, it seems like they are going to give away one MacApp a day in the month December. Maybe that’s worth checking out too!


2 Responses to “I *heart* Mac”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    Macheist is wonderfull. Do you know Maczot?

  2. thaleia Says:

    I was doing origami like crazy yesterday 🙂

    Yes, Maczot gives great deals too…

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