Sad news

October 2, 2006

I have been really sick for the last week. I started having a fever saturday (not the past weekend, but the weekend before) and had to stay home from work last week and today I had to get antibiotics (I haven’t taken that for over the last 6 years). A very bad bacterial infection made me take ‘real’ medication, normally I always stick to natural remedies. Let’s just hope this bad bad little bacteria disappears real fast!
Another shock for me today was to hear that a friend from my past, passed away today. It seems like his heart just collapsed.
He was a really kind and very loving man, with a beautiful voice. Wherever he sung, the crowd was jumping up and down. I’m sure the people in Summerland will enjoy his enthusiasm and love too, but we are sure going to miss him.
Danny, you’ll always be in my heart and maybe we’ll meet again someday.


2 Responses to “Sad news”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    That’s sad news… ;(

  2. Jo Says:

    take care of yourself !

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