First day at school

September 3, 2006

So, on Friday it was the little one’s first day at school. In the morning, all excited, he said he was going to be sad if he would be only at school. I told him not to worry, he will have a sweet teacher and there would be 18 other kids there. In the car, he was already singing: “We’re going to school, we’re going to school…”

When we arrived he was hurrying to put his jacket away and stood there waiting in front of the class to go in. He gave us a big kiss and waved us goodbye and that was it. There we stood, looking at our beautiful son, who didn’t have a problem with us leaving šŸ™‚
At noon the hubby picked him up (I had to work) and he started telling everything he had done. He’s already looking forward to monday.
I’m so happy, this is all going so easy.

So yesterday we bought him a little bike, because on tuesday it’s bike-day at school. You should have seen him cycle, he’s doing really well. And so proud of his new bike… great!

I just hope he will be like me, always enjoying going to school.. yes, I did.


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