Dreaming a fantasy

August 25, 2006

Living in the past, embracing the future: what is there to come?

One of those days when you feel like putting your life on hold… push the button: pause, rewind and play again, over and over and over again… that one moment in time that will forever be mine
or is it a dream, some kind of fantasy?

A smile, laughter, genuine love and friendship. You’ll be in my heart beyond the grave. And when I die, don’t cry, feel me in your thoughts, my heart will always beat the same rythm as yours, now and forever.

Inspire me, my love
Devour me, my love
Longing for the sweetest kiss
the tender touch by accident or on purpose?
Who will tell? Not you or me…
We remain a fantasy, a dream never to be lived,
only to be dreamt, from time to time again…
sweet, tender, wild, rough…

People sitting next to us, but still we are alone
No voices, no music when your eyes meet mine
just looking into each others souls
the place where only you and me exist
the only sound our hearts rushing
a sound so loud and clear whenever you are near.

You’re such a dream


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