The city that never sleeps?

August 13, 2006

Waking up alone is not my thing, I like to wake up next to the person I love so deeply… on my clock (cell) it said 7:15 and I thought: Great,I slept past 6!  But then it hit me… there`s a time difference, it was just 6:15. I decided to read a little in the Pentacle magazine I bought yesterday.. very interesting.  After a quick shower I decided to go down for breakfast.  I passed the saucages and baked potatoes (no thanks, not at morning) and had a delicious healthy breakfast.  While eating I suddenly realized this is the first hotel I visit that looks exactly like the pictures: cosy room, hip restaurant, beautiful bar…yep, this is nice!

Now I`m off to town again, although it`s still early, but maybe I`ll get the chance to see London wake up on a sunday morning.


Waiting on the DLR, standing next to a travel safety officer looking just like Wesley Snipes (mmm), I must admit: I feel pretty safe 🙂

The DLR: people sleeping (and missing their stop), reading their newspaper, smugling ketchup and mayo from McDonalds, chatting,…  Where are they going, who are they, what is their story?

Wesley Snipes smiles at me and asks me my ticket… I hesitate for a moment, wondering what he would do if I didn`t have a valid ticket?  Then I show him my ticket and he wishes me a nice day, showing his most beautiful smile (with a wink!:) )


Now I`m in an internet cafe, sheltering for the heavy rain, but I`ll be on my way soon again, London is too nice to miss because of some cats and dogs.





One Response to “The city that never sleeps?”

  1. iscream Says:

    I found this old and very nice picture of london that i want to share with you.


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