I love London!

August 12, 2006

On the train to London… boarding Brussels South, the check-in goes smoothly… my heart aches for my hubby and the little one. I`ll miss them so much… but I have something to look forward to: London! In the waiting area I see some Madonna-fans, probably on their way to her concert in London. I must admit, I am a little jealous. After half an hour I get on the train, the seat next to me (my hubby`s) stays empty. In the seat in front of me there`s a young mother with a 3 month old baby. He looks real cute and is really sweet too during the ride.

On another seat there`s a mother with three kids and one of them is around 2, I guess… no matter what mum does… he is a devil child… screaming, yelling, anger fits, you name it! OMG!

And that for over 2 hours… OMG!

I try to listen to my iPod for awhile but his high voice blends in with all my music… unbelievable.

Passing the border, on track through France I start looking at the clouds… they are beautiful. The sun is shining on one side of the train, the clouds are dark and heavy with rain on the other side. I have the feeling that if I could only just reach out, I would be able to touch the clouds. They look inviting, fluffy..imagine laying down on them and drifting away… heaven 🙂

Then it`s through the chunnel and then England! The clouds look different here, not thick and soft but flat and dark gray… it`s starting to rain.

I look at the scenery and enjoy the colours of the land… think it looks funny that those English drive on the wrong side of the road 😉 and then there`s London!

Off in Waterloo, on the tube to Greenwich…superb hotel! So nice and such friendly people. After checking-in I`m on my way to the Atlantis Bookshop. It still gets me all excited… I love this little occult shop on Museumstreet.

From there it goes to the Astrologer Shop, Mysteries and Neal`s Yard. I don`t have enough eyes to take in all the impressions. It is great!

This evening I dined in Chinatown, a great tasting Chinese buffet… even if I don`t really know what it was that I ate. Some things I could tell, but fluorescent orange pieces of chicken, baked cauliflower,… that were new discoveries. And there I was, having Chinese in London drinking a tin of Polish coke.

Looking at the people here is always interesting… it`s unbelievable that nobody `sees` the other persons anymore: we are all too busy talking in our cells or listening to our iPods. I always try to make up stories about the people I see on the tube, like the couple breaking up or the guy that hadn`t washed his hair for the last three months… Now I`m off to bed… I`m pretty tired from being on my feet all day, but it was worth it.

Tomorrow, here i come!

PS I: The waiter at the Italian restaurant who offered us an indecent proposal 2 years ago, doesn`t work there anymore. I wonder if he got a job stripping?

PS II: I must look like a real London girl 🙂 4 people asked me for directions today… so I got out my map and looked for them… quiet funny


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