I’m an auntie!

August 3, 2006

Woohoo… yesterday, at noon, my best friend gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  But what a story!  You should know that a week or two ago, they left for Italy on vacation. The baby wasn’t due untill mid september, so they figured it wouldn’t be a problem to go and have a relaxing holiday, but .. the little one seemed to want to be born in a foreign country.  It seems that they are both doing fine, but the baby was born to early, so they monitor her very closely.  If everything goes alright in the first 48 hours they can be sure, everything is fine, but … I’m sure it will be.

So yes, I am proud and so happy!  It’s just too bad I can’t just get in a plane and fly over there.  Because I would so like to hug my best friend and the little one of course. *sigh*

Tomorrow we will be going on a holiday too, I’m looking forward to it.  A week to the Ardennen, a beautiful area here in Belgium and when we get home again, we will be leaving for LONDON! And I love London, I am already counting the days…

Take care all of you,

enjoy the day!




One Response to “I’m an auntie!”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    Hey, that’s nice news. B., congrats!!!! 🙂

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