Franzi is coming!

July 29, 2006

This evening I’ll pick up my godchild, well my goddesschild :).  She is German and a friend of her mother is coming to Belgium (the other side of the country from where I live, but that’s no problem)  I’m picking her up this evening and she’ll be spending the week with us.  My little one is really excited, he just goes on and on: ‘Franzi is coming!  Franzi is coming! Franzi is coming!’.  He’ll see her tomorrowmorning because she’ll arrive late this evening.  I’m really looking forward too seeing her, it’s been a year.  I still remember the day that she was born.  We went to visit her the next day and drove 5 hours to get there, spent a few hours in hospital with the little one, and drove 5 hours back and this all through heavy rain.  Now she will turn 13 in October.  *sigh*  Doesn’t time fly by?


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