Time is fun when you’re having flies…

July 17, 2006

or is it the other way around 🙂 Time flies when you’re having fun..

Last night flew by, it was one of those moments where you wished you’d have a remote control and press the pause button for the world to stop moving, only you could be able to move and enjoy yourself

My friend and I went to the beach, after a walk through the sand we settled ourselves in the dunes and looked at the beautiful horizon. We didn’t talk very much, but between us so many things are said without words. It has always been like this and it will propably always be like this, and it fits us perfect.

Staring at the clouds and later at the sunset, time just speeded up (well it seems it did), before we knew it, it was already late and he had to return home (had a long drive ahead of him). Sadness always seeps into our hearts when saying goodbye. We always know it will be a long time before we see each other again, but this week we might get lucky and see each other one more time… that would be great.

I hope you had a nice night too…

Lots of love,


The path you’re travelling doesn’t lead to love, love is the path !


One Response to “Time is fun when you’re having flies…”

  1. Hydrangea Says:

    Hi Thaleia,

    Well, since your blog is in English I might as well react in it too. Thanks for your visit to my weblog, it is always nice to receive visitors, don’t you think?
    I have to say that I love the last line of this entry: “The path you’re travelling doesn’t lead to love, love is the path ! ” It is so very true!

    Warmest greetings from a Dutch pagan

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