Work, work, work and no play…

July 12, 2006

makes Thaleia a dull girl 🙂

No, seriously, I have been working a lot lately for the new business. But soon the results will start showing… exciting isn’t it?
Other news? Well, my little one is spending a week with my parents, so he’s ‘on vacation’ as he calls it himself. I’ve been pretty sick at the beginning of this week, but it seems like it’s getting better every day (thank goddess) and my sister-in-law is leaving for Australia tomorrow (for a 1,5 years), so it will be a sad day tomorrow. She has been such a support to all of us while my hubby was sick and I’m so going to miss her.
On sunday I’ll be seeing one of my dearest friends again (haven’t seen him in mmm…. a year or so), so that’s going to be yihaa!
And tonight I have a meeting with the chief of a theatre near by, so maybe I’ll be on stage soon too.. (which I would absolutely love!!!!!)
Next week on tuesday we have another check-up for the hubby, but I’m sure it will be fine.
And that’s about it.. I guess…

Love and hugs


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