Fresh start

June 15, 2006

You walked back into my life
just like that
you tried to win my heart

‘I love you, once in a while’ , you said
‘I love you, forever’ I answered

Wish we could start all over again


One Response to “Fresh start”

  1. s Says:

    It’s Delicate

    My heart floats in a void of space;
    Vibration Clefs of music shine of gold.
    Although I can not see my hands before my face,
    Objects vibrate all around to keep me from cold.

    Piano keys twist and turn fast but miss not a note,
    The hammers hit the strings that bind Heaven together.
    Allow me to feel the music Angels wrote.
    I ride on it as if soft wind kisses a feather.

    Hearts find peace when symphonies of life they declare,
    Manifest reality of time, which only you find.
    One cannot hear Harmony, only when two share.
    I do not exist in chronicles of time, nowhere except your mind.

    Waves of vibrations still the mind anesthetize the soul,
    The delicate Hum of rosin quiver strings numbs the mind;
    Melodies of life vibrate broken pieces back to whole;
    Tickles mouth, breaking the smile of the kind.

    Touch the flow, become part of the music of souls,
    Realize truth, true meaning of life.
    Break the harmony; dead cells cover Bible; crushing coals.
    Scream into the melody, life mortifies its strife.

    Keys float in perfect harmony as our life goes,
    Eyes are open to understand why we vibrate as we do.
    Hearts long as deep tones drip slow like stalactite ice in Winter’s cold.
    Thoughts never get old or die; symphonies pools baptize them anew.

    Things we love we hold dear to our heart,
    We pine to be more like what we love.
    We can be strong, but it is delicate on every one’s part!
    A glove fit so perfect in the past, will always remain a glove.


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