Nice weekend

June 5, 2006

We had a very nice weekend. We spent saturdaynight at a hotel at Vlodrop Het Boshotel. It is situated in the Netherlands and there was a beauty and wellnes center attached to it. Total relaxtime garantueed… swimming pool, sauna, massages… great food and perfect company. Next weekend we will go and enroll our little one into the school which he will be attending from September. And in the evening we will be going to see some medieval play here in Bruges. I’m very curious about that. It will be great fun, I’m sure.
Tomorrow the hubby has to go for a PET-scan again and then we will know if the cancer is gone completely, but I’m sure we will hear good news. Keep your fingers crossed…



3 Responses to “Nice weekend”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    Keep on living, keep on driving!!

  2. […] Any illness can be cured or at least lessened by being positive. Like what Thaleia’s husband did. […]

  3. mar Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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