Night out

April 22, 2006

I just got home from a night into town, went to a karaoke bar, had a  few drinks, sang a few songs and try to forget all that troubles me.  The hubby is still in hospital.  His hiccups have been gone for over 48 hours now, great isn’t it?! They gave him a drug that they give to children with ADHD and it seems to help.  We’ll just keep our fingers crossed.  They still haven’t figured out where his fever is coming from.  I hope they find it really soon, because it’s so terribly lonely here and I miss him so much (and the little one too of course).  The little one is doing great.  He’s being potty-trained and really proud when he tells me he succeeded.  He’s really starting to ride a bike too (you know, the kind with 4 wheels).  A few weeks ago you still had to push him, but now he’s starting to make the movements with his legs/feet all by himself.  Great isn’t it?  I’m so proud.

I love you all


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