April 18, 2006

So yesterday, was a really really really bad day. The hubby had been having hiccups all the day and I was feeling completely hopeless. Not being able to help him or do anything to take away his pain. So when I went home last night from the hospital I was feeling really down. You must know, 5 years back I moved from the other side of the country, and I really missed my old neighbourhood yesterday. I decided to call a few friends (from around here), but nobody home 😦 except a good friend of my hubby who lives only a few houses away from me. So yesterday night we went and had a drink and another and another. It was very nice and my bad mood cleared up, just talking, chitchatting, babbling in the end 🙂
I had a really great time, so thanks M… as I stated yesterday: ‘all this has showed us who our true friends are’… so thanks!
As I came home and checked my e-mail I had a very very nice message from Shadow & Organic and this message touched my heart. Thanks for being there guys.

I heard from my hubby today that he did sleep well last night, so that means his hiccups will have gone eventually and let’s hope they’ll stay away now.



One Response to “Thanks”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    I had a great time to!!! I’m glad it helped you out a little bit.
    Don’t give up, you’re almost there!!!

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