April 17, 2006

So yesterday, I finished , a new book written by the master himself: Stephen King. I read the book in two days, being captivated ’till the last page and now still wondering: ‘Did it all work out?’
As Stephen himself said on his website:

“Based on the information given in the final third of Cell—I’m thinking about the reversion back toward the norm of the later phone crazies—it seems pretty obvious to me that things turned out well for Clay’s son, Johnny. I don’t need to tell you this, do I?”
So I guess, everything did turn out alright?

The book does make me wonder… we do all have cellphones (well most of us do) and we do use them ALL the time, what if something like this really happens.. scary isn’t it?

And to say more about Stephen King, well as I stated on 43 people he is someone I would really love to meet and this is why:

The first book I bought (as a volunteer, not just because I had to read a book) and read was ‘Salem’s Lot’ from Stephen King. I was hooked from the first page ‘till the last… and still am. It’s one of the books I have in my shelf that I will keep on reading again and again and every time I find some new things in it, like connections with other books from Stephen King. He rules 🙂 ! And because he gave me the gift of loving to read, I would love to meet him and say: ‘Thank you Mr. King, for opening a brand new world!’

So Stephen if you read this 🙂 : ‘Thank you!’


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