Ready for the next one

March 30, 2006

and the last one… My hubby had his heart checked on monday and everything looked great, so that was good news. His fever has been down for a few days now, so that’s great too. Now next monday he can start his next and yes LAST chemo and then we can focus on getting better and picking up our life again.
I’ve spent monday evening and tuesday morning with my little one at my parents and enjoyed every second of it, and so did he. He misses us as much as we miss him, but he’s having fun over there.

On Sunday I went to a fortune teller and it was amazing.

I went to her not telling her anything about me (I really focused on that). She just asked my birthday and I could give her some birthdays of people near me, so I did… and that was it. She divided her cards and started writing on a notepad what she saw. I didn’t say a word. After she had written down things, she started talking and I grasped with amazement… She told me my hubby had cancer (how could she know that?), but that everything’s going to be fine. She told me my little boy (I never told her I had a son) is very strongwilled but oh so loved by everyone. He will have no bad friends, won’t be doing drugs or booze.. so that’s a relief. She told me I will get a job in the art or culture department (woohoo) because all those numbers are not my thing (that’s strange too, for I have been working with numbers for the past 5 years) and after the art and/or culture job I will be going to do something esoteric (yes, a bigger woohoo). It was very strange to experience such thing. Someone knowing all this stuff about me and all that by looking into cards. I’ve been reading my tarotcards for a while now and they do give me directions sometimes, but this.. this was amazing!

I want to thank you all again for all the love and caring thougts


One Response to “Ready for the next one”

  1. mar Says:

    Great news! fortune teller are amazing, I had one who told me just what’s been happening afterwards…it isn’t that I believe everything, but sometimes it is amazing what they tell you… hugs to you all

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