Back to square one

March 14, 2006

Yesterday I had to take my hubby to the ER with a high fever, which is pretty dangerous with the chemo affecting his blood. I had to leave him there and this afternoon I will be able to visit him in his own room in the hospital. I called the ER this morning and got my hubby on the phone. He sounded afwul. He’s been having the hiccups since 6.30 yesterday evening and they haven’t gone away since (read: he hasn’t slept an hour last night). He’s been given some medicine for his fever to drop, but it doesn’t seem to be working… I’m starting to get scared. We were so close to the end of this all and now… I just don’t want to think of loosing him. I’m feeling like I’ve lost control. It’s the first time since we got the news he had cancer, that I feel like he’s slipping away… please keep him in your thougths…



One Response to “Back to square one”

  1. kMikaZu Says:

    He’s NOT gonna slip away! Keep on fighting!!!

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