It’s a miracle

February 25, 2006

It’s a miracle.. my hubby has been home for an entire week! It’s the first time since he started his chemo treatments that he didn’t get an infection in the first week after a chemo…. woohoo… we went to the hospital on wednesday and friday for his checkups and bloodtransfusions and he was allowed to come home with me every time… It’s been great. He has been extremely tired, but that’s nothing to worry about. On monday we have to go back for a check up, we’ll see then… one step at a time…

Loving hugs


2 Responses to “It’s a miracle”

  1. mar Says:

    Things are looking good, I am happy for you! Happy weekend!your template is full of energy and good vibrations.It’s lovely.

  2. Zenith Says:

    That’s great news Thaleia! I’m so glad things are starting to take an upward turn for you both.

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