Nice weekend…

January 30, 2006


it’s been a few days since you’ve heard from me, but I’ve been away 🙂 to a land far, far away… no.. just kidding.  I’ve visited my little one who has been staying at my parents (two hour drive from here) while my hubby is in hospital.  Yes, on friday he has been hospitalized again, but he’s doing better and better every day.  So it was time to visit my little ‘Sige’, who was so very very very very happy to see his mommy. (and the other way around too).  I’ve been enjoying a full weekend of company of my son, which was great, although I thought a lot about my other love being in the hospital.  But my hubby insisted of staying over there the whole weekend and I did. Sige is changing so rapidly, he grows so fast and talks and talks and talks 🙂  This morning saying goodbye was a little hard, but if all works out well he’ll be coming home next weekend. Woohoo!  Staying at my parents always equals meeting old friends, so it’s always very nostalgic to go there.  I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!



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