The end of the first day,

January 17, 2006

the beginning of the second day of chemo for my hubby.
Yesterday he was hospitalized again for his third chemo and feeling terribly down for being there again. He was bored, not at ease,… but it’s something we have to get through.
I just rang him this morning. We are not allowed to visit him in the mornings, so I ring him a few times, and yes it happened again: the hiccups have started again this morning when he woke up… it’s just sad. He had to get an injection in his back today too and now he is very afraid of having these hiccups and needing that injection, and frankly, so am I. It’s so dangereous, an injection in your back and now he even can’t lay still. Let’s just hope everything will work out fine…

Lots of love


2 Responses to “The end of the first day,”

  1. mar Says:

    Just hope for the best. Everything will be fine, look ahead! Keeping my fingers crossed for your husband.

  2. Glad I found you again…I was worried when it looked like you maybe had just stopped blogging…So, as bad as things are for you and your husband at the moment…I’m glad you still have this outlet which hopefully will be helpful to you…

    Anyway, I will keep Good Thoughts coming your way…I really feel for you and of course for your husband…I know this is not easy to go through…NOT easy ar all!

    Keep on Keeping On, my dear.

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