The hiccups have ended

December 20, 2005

at last, my hubby gets a little peace and quiet… his hiccups have finally ended after another week of pestering him… He’s lost so much weight… he is so tired… and with him, I’m so tired.  I think it’s going to be a strange christmas this year… On friday (the 23rd) he has to go and get a bloodtransfusion… I’ll be spending my birthday in hospital with him… Let’s just hope he’ll get better soon… 4 more chemo’s to go.. we’re almost in the middle of the treatment…
Our little one came home yesterday.. he is so cute and so sweet, caring for his dad, hugging and kissing… bringing him water, handkerchief, whatever he needs… You can see the love and the joy in his eyes when he’s looking at his daddy… it keeps my hubby going.. the little one is the reason for living at the moment… courage is what we all need at this time but I’m sure we will hang in there somehow…


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